Your Thermostat Just Got Smarter

Look into automatic thermostats in Des Plaines or Arlington Heights, IL

You want to feel comfortable in your home, but constantly changing your thermostat can waste energy. You might end up with excessively high energy bills before you know it. Luckily, there’s a modern solution. Alltech HVAC, Inc. installs ecobee automatic thermostats in Des Plaines and Arlington Heights, IL.

These thermostats can help you decrease your utility bills and environmental footprint by adjusting automatically. They’ll use less power when your home is empty so you aren’t paying for air you don’t use.

Hire our family owned and operated company for a thermostat installation today. We serve the Des Plaines and Arlington Heights, IL areas.

Upgrade your HVAC system

Our innovative automatic thermostats are easy to use. They:

Know when someone is home and adjust the temperature accordingly
Use room sensors to balance temperatures throughout your home
Are accessible from anywhere through our smart phone app
This nifty technology is great for single-level and multilevel homes alike. Not sure if our thermostats are right for you? Call 866-482-2007 now to learn more about our products.